Surveying Concern is a registered limited company under the company Act of Nepal 1996. Registered in 2003 as a surveying equipment supplier, it was initially registered in 1992 as Survey Instrument Repair Center, located in the kingdom of the country; Surveying Concern is powered by Technical and Innovative Engineers with years of experience in this field.

The team consists of highly dynamic, creative & innovative members who assure you of excellent reliability of the product and tremendous market response. Surveying Concern also earns the reputations of providing excellent quality at affordable prices. With this quality we not only satisfy customers but also have the ability to delight them.

Surveying Concern believes in Brilliant Support and Prompt Service. It has established itself as the efficient and reliable body amongst the customers and clients as service provider; encompassing almost every domain of surveying arena. Surveying Concern has the resources & capability to respond to its customer's need, whenever they require. Through quality at affordable cost we can build confidences among the customers who can in-turn make the market share large.

However, Surveying Concern has made the effort to reduce the gap between the customer and the supplier. The main target groups of Surveying Concern are to give proper service networks in the remote areas of the country. Our objective is to provide the best quality product with better service at required time. We follow Proactive reaction than reactive reaction.